I’ve had to skip a few days of blogging as I was on holiday in Cairo, but the remainder of the first 2 week stepdown was uneventful. My timings were not exactly perfect when I was away due to the 2 hour time difference as well as not always having easy access to water. So for the past 5 days I have been taking my pills roughly every 12 hours. Today was my first day at 16 hours apart, which I decided would be a more reasonable step than 18 hours as I had no intention of getting up in the middle of some nights to take a pill. I took my last does at 1PM today with the dose prior to that at 9PM last night. As I write (at almost 9PM), I am having a bit of pain and reflux, but it’s tolerable. I was not thinking and made chickpea curry for dinner, which I am sure is not helping matters, but it’s done. I have Gaviscon if it gets too bad.

Dosage: 20 mg, every 16 hours

Diet: normal + curry for dinner + ACV

Pain: +1

Reflux: +1

Exercise: PM yoga