Day Two

Dosage: 20mg 9PM last night, 20mg 9AM Diet: Did not have heavy/late dinner last night. Slice plain wholemeal toast ~hour before bedtime. Otherwise normal today. Pain: was awoken around 3AM with mild pain and reflux- short round of insomnia.  No issues during day. Reflux: see above Exercise: yoga AM, jog PM

Day One

No issues besides having a terrible headache, which is rather nonspecific and more likely just a lack of sleep. 🙂 Dosage: 20mg at 9PM last night and 20mg at 9AM this morning. Diet: normal+ACV (apple cider vinegar) before each meal Pain: no Reflux: no Exercise: AM yoga

Starting out

I have been taking pantoprazole, aka Protonix for about 10 years. Pantoprazole is a PPI or proton pump inhibitor. It is widely used to treat GERD. After taking a bit of a break,  my partner and I have been trying to conceive again, and whilst researching the possible contraindications, I stumbled across lots of first …